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Some of all the quality games that were released to Amiga (OCS/ECS/AGA, AmigaOS 4, AROS and/or MorphOS) + some classic games

Escape from Hammy Town - 1999 - Public Domain/Jools Henn - AMIGA RELEASE - GRAAL ADVENTURE LANGUAGE 2.3 --> LINK LINK
About: A quite fun adventure game. A short review in German is published in Amiga Future (today both English and German mag).

Escape from Monkey Island - 2000/2001 (Microsoft Windows in November 2000 and almost one year after that also released to other platforms) - Sean Clark/Michael Stemmle/LucasArts - ENGINE/SCUMMVM/GRIME --> LINK
About: The 4th game in the Monkey Island series.

Grim Fandango - 1998 - LucasArts - ENGINE/SCUMMVM/GRIME --> LINK LINK LINK
About: A dead good adventure game with nice graphics and a excellent story line where you play a travel agent. The game uses the GrimE engine, pre-rendering static backgrounds from 3D-models, while the main objects and characters are animated in 3D.

About: Adventure game similar to Myst that in my opinion is even better. Problems is focused on careful observation, clue-gathering, and manipulation of the environments.

Lord of Alcandria: Chapter II - 1999 - Public Domain/Edgardo Federico Rutenberg  - AMIGA RELEASE --> LINK
About: A adventure game to classic Amiga with quite nice OCS/ECS (not AGA graphics).

Lord of Alcandria: Chapter III - 2000 - Public Domain/Edgardo Federico Rutenberg  - AMIGA RELEASE --> LINK LINK LINK
About: The next part of Lord of Alcandria.

Madhouse - Indian Spirit - 1995 - Pe2000.net - AMIGA RELEASE - MAINLY DEVELOPED ON AMIGA --> LINK LINK LINK
About: A really fun adventure game that is playable on classic Amiga. Has been reviewed in the German (today the mag is also published in English) mag Amiga Future (it's a link to the article above).

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy - 1998/2000 (first release in 1998 on Windows, later adapted to AmigaOS) - PLX//Team17/Trecision (development), Clickboom (adapted and released for the Amiga) and PXL Computers (publisher) - AMIGA RELEASE --> LINK
About: It's the year 2099, and the player assumes the role of the top-notch investigator named Joshua Reev.

Myst - 1993/1994/1997 (originally released in September 1993 to Mac OS, then Windows, and finally other platforms like Playstation Portable and Amiga three years later) - Rand Miller/Robyn Miller/Sunsoft/Ubisoft/Brøderbund/Cyan, Inc. (development), Clickboom (adapted och ported to Amiga) and Ubisoft/Psygnosis/Brøderbund/Sunsoft/Cyan, Inc. (publisher) - AMIGA RELEASE (FIRST RELEASE TO MAC AND WIN) --> LINK
About: Myst has amazing graphics and a really nice story line. You have just stumbled upon a most intriguing book, a book titled Myst. As you reach the end of the book, you lay your hand on a page. Suddenly your own world dissolves into blackness, replaced with the island world the pages describe.

Relics of Deldroneye 2 - The Island of Debreen - 1996 - F1/Public Domain/Lee Bamber/Digital Ninja - AMIGA RELEASE - MAINLY DEVELOPED IN AMOS PROFESSIONAL --> LINK LINK
About: A classic 2D-graphics adventure game.

Teen Agent - 1996 - Metropolis Software House - AMIGA RELEASE --> LINK
About: A classic 2D-graphics adventure game about a teenager called Mark Hopper, and his dream to become a secret agent.

The Curse of Monkey Island - 1997 (North America) and 1998 (Europe) - Jonathan Ackley/Larry Ahern/LucasArts - ENGINE/SCUMMVM --> LINK
About: Monkey Island 3 that is a sequel to Ron Gilbert's The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

The Feeble Files / Floyd - Es Gibt Noch Helden - December 1997/2000/2002 (first release on Microsoft Windows in December 1997, followed by Mac and Amiga (MorphOS/AmigaOS/UAE) in the end of year 2000, after that a local Mac version in the United States 2002, and last but not least a DRM-free digital distribution) - Adventure Soft (development), Runesoft/e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment gmbh (ported) and Adventure Soft/Bomico Entertainment Software GmbH/Infogrames Entertainment (publisher) - AMIGA RELEASE (ALL PLATFORMS INCLUDING UAE) - BUT BEST PLAYABLE ON AMIGA (POWERPC) IN HIGH RESOLUTION WITH ENGINE/SCUMMVM (AGOS) - BUY THE GAME ON GOG.COM (AND IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO HELP THE COMMUNITY ALSO THE AMIGA VERSION FROM AMIGAKIT OR ANY OTHER RETAILER) --> LINK LINK LINK LINK LINK
About: A innovative adventure game mostly about aliens (but also a short intro where the main character 'Feeble' or if you prefer german 'Floyd' visit the Earth in his space ship). The game is actually presented in prerendered 2D-graphics, great sound and high resolution (available on gog.com if you want all without any CD-ROM) that is moving around in "the space world" that is known as the solar system in the Milky Way (including the Earth, the asteroids and all other places that still are out there for humans to visit) with aliens, thick screens and everything. The main character later starts to cooperate with the freedom fighters (that are not willing to adapt to O---brain and are living like individuals as good as they can despite the actual situation).

Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths - 1999 (Germany) and 2002 (USA) - Nayma Software/Prograph Research/dtp entertainment (development) and Got Game Entertainment (publisher) - ENGINE/SCUMMVM - MAINLY DEVELOPED ON AMIGA, ONLY RELEASED ON DOS/WINDOWS --> LINK LINK
About: Tony is a seasoned private eye for Wallen & Wallen Investigations, and has been assigned a new case.

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