Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A4000 (the heavy monster machine that =>LucasArts<= created the computer animated movie Jurassic Park less than a year after it was officially released), MorphOS 3.6 (adapts your own Macintosh to a really nice system that are developed by hundreds of enthusiasts and pros from the Amiga scene for the universe enjoyment :-), M.A.C.E. for next generation computing or Amiga 4000/1200 with high perform turbo card (LISTEN WITH SUBWOOFERS, AND WATCH IN FULLSCREEN), Jedi Outcast - mission 17 - part 1 (played on AmigaOS), AND (NAND/NOR) the Amiga user Yannis Tsitouras on Youtube (he owns an AmigaOne 500)

Yannis Tsitouras on Youtube

EMBEDDED VIDS: Commodore Amiga 4000 Review/Overview To Be Continued

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