Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amiga 30th at the Computer History Museum in United States of America / California, amigawiki, nyheter från Amiga Forum som pubs online via SUGA in Stockholm, messages from the BOSS or more spec. chief editor + webmaster of Amiga Future in Germany + Minimig AGA for the MiST v1.1 + AmiCloud status and announcement


After a first beta at the end of 2014 and a first public version in June, Rok Krajnc and the Minimig / MiST / FPGA community release a first revision of the Minimig AGA core for the MiST FPGA, labelled 1.1.

It fixes quite a few major bugs. Here is an excerpt from the readme file :
- fixed mouse issues (fixes games Like Ishar 1, 2, 3, Robinson's Requiem, and many cracktros)
- fixed keyboard issues (fixes game Walker and probably many others)
- changes to FPGA clock handling, hopefully this will make a more stable minimig core
- entering the OSD menu using UP+DOWN buttons on a DB-9 connected joystick has been disabled
- 1MB kickstart ROM support added (enables you to run AROS ROM or your custom kickstart ROM)
- firmware now again supports using 256kB kickstart ROMs
- firmware now again supports using Cloanto AmigaForever encrypted kickstart ROMs

Official site & download :
Make sure you read the readme.txt !


AmiCloud status and announcement

After a short summer break, a status report.
AmiCloud is almost finished. We still have to fix some bugs and then it starts.

Due to the fact that we can not reflect all of the configuration in our tests, we will initially only release the AmigaOS 4 version and limited to 100 users. (month after month followed by other platforms that you prefer). 

The intent is that we want to eliminate residual errors in a small circle and may implement improvements.
At the beginning there will be exist basic accounts. They will offer 1GB of cloud storage. Beta users receive twice as much storage in the port being tested.

If we increase the normal memory afterwards, so beta testers get always twice.
The price will be at the beginning once ¤ 5. So no monthly costs.
This whole works without bandwidth limitation. So unlimited traffic for data are shared via web links.

The money goes completely in the further development and contract work as HTTPS plugin for Hollywood.

Later Pro accounts will follow, with more storage for an annual fee. At the moment the 10GB for 50 ¤ in the year would be if we are, however, insofar as that can already look better. The special is the lack of traffic limitation basically. Well and it runs on Amigas :-) 


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