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BLOG ARCHIVE + to be continued?

Millenium Games (quality Amiga games mainly released from 1996-2003):
Airline Tycoon Deluxe + pics from and actual links to the significant Amiga Future + vids from Revision 2014
'Renegades Deluxe 2014' (compare this small update with 'Alien Breed' - and the original 'Renegades' - released two decades before), 'Aqua' (don't obfuscate it with 'Aqua Naval Warfare' released to other platforms ten years later), and Mike Levin on Youtube
Just Like Dream
AMIStore: New RadeonHD v2.7 and v1.4 available! + Smokin' Guns (played on AmigaOS 4.1)
The C64 comp that reach the immense masses in 1982, games recollection, article on TechWorld written by spelpappan Jimmy Wilhelmsson, Amiga/C64 Forever 2014 released!, the computer user Chris Pirillo on Youtube, and the game Gorky 17 to the crucial Amiga
Play Expo 2014 + Amiga 30th Anniversary
AmigaOS 4.1 u6 Multitasking, AmigaOS 4.1 for One X1000 and One 500, Amiga OS 4.1 with UAE, LightWave 3D for AmigaOS 4.1, MorphOS 3.2 Booting and Usage, AmiPhoto, and the Amiga user Ravi Abbott on Youtube
A few classic Amiga games (Dreamweb has no remake but is genuinly developed on Amiga computers) released in new updated versions or remakes with better graphics for smart phones + similar portable reading devices, some tracker software (a type of music sequencer software used to create music), and Dreamweb (as mentioned originally developed on Amiga)
BLOG ARCHIVE + a game to classic Amiga
Amiga vs Atari - tidernas smutsigaste datorkrig
'Grim Fandango Remastered', Unni Drougge skriver artiklar om bl.a. Amiga på siten IDG bl.a. 'Jobs arv ett bättre samhälle man kan alltid drömma', and 'The Making of Grim Fandango Remastered Episode 1-3' (1st episode on YouTube, and 2nd + 3rd on dailymotion)
Overclocked Mac Mini with MorphOS as optional system, and some hardware options that will benefit the Amiga World + WATCH IN FULLSCREEN WITH SUBWOOFERS + even NASA used Amiga comp. for quite a while to handle their space shuttles + some misc. Amiga theory
Commodore Computer Blog
HD-REC (used on AmigaOS 4.1 and PPC), M.A.C.E. (developed for next generation Amiga WATCH IN FULLSCREEN HD WITH SUBWOOFERS), LightWave 3D (developing graphics for the Amiga), Star Wars Jedi Academy, Star Wars Jedi Outcast, Tower Defense (played on AmigaOS), Foundation (released in AGA), Foundation Gold (updated), Freespace 2, VoxelNoid, Napalm: The Crimson Crisis, Exodus - The Last War, Warzone 2100, In Shadow of Time, Airline Tycoon Deluxe, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Voxel Bird Saga (played on Apple iPhone), Score (music program for AmigaOS 4.1), and Jedi Academy (played on AmigaOS)
Sim City 2000 (in vid played on Microsoft Windows), AMIGA CD32 (aren't it staunch?), Another World (as a lot of people don't know one of the earlier releases to the Amiga in late eighties or something way before Playstation - but also released to lots of other platforms with huge interest years after this milestone in history), Formula One Grand Prix (in AGA), Quest Of Nargoth (also for the really staunch machine AMIGA CD32), AROS Research Operating System, ICAROS, COMMODORE COMPUTER BLOG (choose your own language / sometimes about games but mostly and mainly about other subjects like graphics and development), HUENISON (played on AmigaOS), and The Making of Another World with Eric Chahi
A4000 (the heavy monster machine that =>LucasArts<= created the computer animated movie Jurassic Park less than a year after it was officially released), MorphOS 3.6 (adapts your own Macintosh to a really nice system that are developed by hundreds of enthusiasts and pros from the Amiga scene for the universe enjoyment :-), M.A.C.E. for next generation computing or Amiga 4000/1200 with high perform turbo card (LISTEN WITH SUBWOOFERS, AND WATCH IN FULLSCREEN), Jedi Outcast - mission 17 - part 1 (played on AmigaOS), AND (NAND/NOR) the Amiga user Yannis Tsitouras on Youtube (he owns an AmigaOne 500)
Different 3D-games (with Amitopia TV that is pubs on for instance Youtube and Vimeo), a few other programs from Vimeo and Youtube + relevant links, Yahoo Commodore_Amiga_Retro [EDIT: 211214 alt. 141221; post by the sub], Halo 4 [OT], Robin Hood - The Legend Of Sherwood, AND/NAND CITY BUILDING GAMES ONLINE (FOR WHATEVER SYSTEM YOU PREFER) + XULBLOG TOP 10 BROWERGAMES IN 2014
Lighthouse: The Dark Being, Lightwave 3D, and Lightwave 3D Group + Quake 3 Arena The End
NEWSTICKER [211214 alt. 141221], Mips utmanar Raspberry Pi [211214 alt. 141221], AND/NAND (OR/NOR/XNOR/XOR/NOT) Grim Fandango
The clip 'Meditation in Space', and a few links to a tiny small fraction of mainly todays Amiga magz [211214 alt. 141221]
Komvux satsar på Amiga d.v.s. AmigaOS / MorphOS / UAE / AROS / ... :), The official movie 'Viva Amiga', and two Youtube clips about 'Why buy an Amiga?'
Profile / My Blogs + The Curse of the Amiga Computer
The Feeble Files
Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy
Some of all the quality games that were released to Amiga (OCS/ECS/AGA, AmigaOS 4, AROS and/or MorphOS) + some classic games

Open Source ... - Free ... / Free Open Source ... / Free Libre Open Source ... (OSS - FS/FOSS/FLOSS):
Overclocked Mac with MorphOS as optional OS, and Wipeout 2097
Commodore Computer Blog
Mips utmanar Raspberry Pi (det senare används relativt ofta för att emulera Amiga classic och ett oändligt antal andra saker helt beroende på användarens egna önskemål och kreativitet)
Profile / My Blogs

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