Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Komvux satsar på Amiga d.v.s. AmigaOS / MorphOS / UAE / AROS / ... ;), the official movie 'Viva Amiga', and two Youtube clips about 'Why buy an Amiga?'

Komvux har gått från att hålla kurser i endast operativsystemet Mic--soft Windows till att hålla kurser i en mängd olika operativsystem vilket bl.a. kan handla om Amiga.

Specialisering mot enligt lista nedan. För betyg m.m. använd angivna koder.


OWNT1405Windows XP
OÖVA1405Övriga operativsystem

The Amiga Academy [LINK]

The Amiga movie and project 'Viva Amiga' (don't confound this progressing piece of art with the classic one 'Amiga - The Movie' from 1987) has not been finished yet but a teaser (version 1) is pubs.

By the way Dan Wood's Youtube clip 'Why use Amiga in 2011' has now been viewed by close to a quarter of a million people (and will if not already has happened reach this absolute figure a couple of weeks of hard work into next year) and has received about 1400 thumbs-up. That is probably not an overstatement (compared to all individuals that has been watching this recording) but rather an actual understatement (if the global society on this blue planet called the Earth really laid down a fair amount of efforts in proving this).

But the - in my opinion by far better and more fact-crammed - competitor Ravi Abbott's clip 'Buying New Amiga Systems in 2012' has only been seen by a quarter of one hundred thousand comrades and has only registered about 160 thumbs-up. These figures are according to me more than certain an even worse understatement (they were pubs the exact same date - with just about three hours difference - one year after another) if you are realistic and don't trust Google (stay sharp ;).

EMBEDDED VIDS: Official Viva Amiga Teaser Trailer Version 1 Why use Amiga in 2011? Where to buy Amiga in 2012/2013 To be continued?

Dan Wood on Youtube

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