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The clip 'Meditation in Space', and a few links to a tiny small fraction of mainly today's Amiga magz [211214 alt. 141221]

Amiga Fever [Artikel-Archiv] (German mag that was integrated into Amiga Plus)

Amiga Forum [Tidningsarkiv] (Swedish main mag from SUGA association - still waiting for the Christmas issue - today about the scene, special tech, games and much more)

Amiga Future [English Articles] (German and English full colour printed mag - with a german editor and publisher - but also distributed online as PDF with the disadvantage that you can't get a full colour mag as one document to your computer or to be more specific you need to read one page and then download the next one manually; in other wooooooooooooooords you can't download every single page and all of the content directly the way you prefer)

>*that is an active and commercial computer mag with a not to professional editorial office and web site - don't show wrong figures - i.e. has this pic been viewed by 9 people - nope of course not - just remove everything on the site that don't benefit the community - and highly improve all of the content both on site and even more important all of the tech articles in the mag

AmigaGadget [Messenachlese: CeBIT 2000 Andreas Neumann] (German disk magazine)

Amigaguiden [Amigaguiden for free in PDF] (Norwegian magazine where the last pub - issue 57 - from last year -13 is published; the mag started the early years and has been in progress until this day and Norway is still counting [click on this link to download and read the second pub - or more specific issue 52/53 - from 2008 in PDF], and is edited - and in the first one that year you can read about the Amiga 4000 that where managing the Space Shuttles - among thousands of other critical things for NASA at the headquarters - for many years; or as you can read in the mag 'Flere Amiga 4000-maskiner på jobb i januar 1998 under romfergen sitt oppdrag til den russiske romstasjonen MIR' - and recorded by NAF association)

Amiga User International [The world's first CD magazine cover disc for the Amiga was issued in 1994 on AUI sister publication Amiga CD! Containing: 5 Full Games, Demos, Music, Graphics, Video & more...You can download a 77Mb zip archive of the CD's contents] (was a monthly educational newsagent magazine publication catering for productivity users of the Amiga computer worldwide from 1986 until 1997 - first two years as a supplement to a main mag and then almost ten years as a independent magazine)

amigahellas [Downloads] [Forum] (Greece Amiga mag that is distributed for free with full colour and great layout) [Google+ with content from 2013] [the front cover off issue 17 from 2012] [the front conver of issue 16 from 2010] [a front cover of the sister mag Amiga Computing] [Amiga BASIC or Microsoft BASIC for the Amiga (1985)

Amiga Impact [Actualités] [Example] [Forum] (French mag)

Amiga Plus [?] (German commercial mag that came out once a month and was active from the early years until 2007 - and also today cause it was integrated with other magz like Kickstart, AmigaOS, Amiga Fever, Sonderheft, and today Amiga Future>*) [amigahistory] [lemonamiga]

Amiga Point of View - the splendidly infrequent PDF publication - APoV (really high quality mag with huge amont of info about the Amiga : tutorials, interviews, reviews, reports,... You can also read the Amiga games list, play quiz about the Amiga, surf the big list of Amiga links, etc. This is a freely downloadable PDF Amiga magazine somewhat in the spirit of Amiga Power from the past (and for the new pub see AMIGA POWER! or aMiGa=PoWeR <= AND THIS LINK GOES TO THIS NEW MAG). Reviews, news, articles, walkthroughs, letters... Covers mostly games from 1985-1995) => [link to PDF-version of APoV issue 4 with about 120 pages including a review about the games 'Dragon's Breath', 'Cavitas', and 'Star Trek The 25th Anniversary' among many others, and at the end - from page 110 until page 116 - an high quality article about the classic adventure/action game Colorado that has genuinly really highly impressive coding => or source code <= cause of all the fluctuating content => you get a lot of game on one single floppy when you buy this game <=].

Amiga Magazine Rack (almost 100 different magz from earlier years for instance the swedish mag Oberoende Computer and six or seven magz from Australia)

AmigaMania (Hungarian mag in high res with lots of info but also a older well known English mag for gamers) [follow on site to not miss any pubs] [8; no music/sound on the last two publications] [7; no music/sound on the last two issues] [6; music on/off] [5; music on/off] [4; music on/off] [3; music on/off] [2; music on/off] [1; music on/off] [EDIT: 170715 OR 15 0717 | 9; no music/sound with information about the classic and uproarious game 'Adventures of Robin Hood', X5000, DraCo, ACA500, joysticks + much more | 10; no music/sound on this issue with content about latest news, the Scan Juggler XAGA, Amiga Walker, X5000, WinUAE, different joysticks, MacroSystem V-Lab, Audio Evolution versus HDRec, Blizzard PPC and Cyberstorm PPC on AmigaOS 3.9 (Warp 3D-test), OpenGL with Hollywood, and Amos 3D (the GL Galore 1.0 plugin), Sulaco, the classic 3D-game HUNTER, a bunch of pinball or flibber games, Skeleton Krew (a challenging + heavily well coded CD32 release), ....Mos Eisly, SQRXZ, Casino Poker, LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE, RAILROAD TYCOON, NUXELIA, ANOTHER WORLD + MUCH MORE

AMIGA POWER! (aMiGa=PoWeR) (French commercial and full colour mag that is active but Amiga Power - look at different Amiga mag racks if you want to read about the history milestones - is also a well known and much older english wide spread Amiga mag)
[290315 alt. 150329] aMiGa=PoWeR n°55 is the latest issue from the end of Mars 2015

AmigaReport (English online mag between 1993 and 1999)

AmiG4be (mainly books)

AmiMag (Belgian and French fanzine) [AmiMagTV] [3:2] [2:2] [1:2] [Sept-Oct -97] (Le premier numéro du retour d'AmiMag continue à bien se télécharger ! J'aimerais cependant avoir plus de retours de la part des lecteurs. N'hésitez donc pas à vous manifester ! Idées, suggestions en tout genre, envoie d'articles !J'ai déjà pas mal d'idées pour le numéros deux. J'aimerais aussi avoir un petit retour financier car même si avec le format électronique, il n'y a plus de frais de photocopies comme par le passé, le travail reste le même ! Alors que diriez-vous si le prix du numéro deux était fixé à, disons, 2 euros ? Seriez-vous prêt à l'acheter ? En attendant, voici le cover du numéro 15 de la version papier signé par le dessinateur belge Guy Dedecker) [facebook] [Google+] [YouTube] =\

Bitplane Magazine (Italian fully commercial mag that can be ordered from all over the world about AmigaOS, MorphOS, AROS, Macintosh, and HAIKU)

Click Video Magazine (English video mag from the early Amiga era) [Nov -91] [Dec -91]

Commodore Fan Gazette (absolutely new italian mag published both as print mag and online) [issuu]

Commodore Free (Digital mag (of course you can make your own paper copy) distributed for free worldwide with the base in UK where the main editor Nigel Parker lives, distributed in English as PDF, HTML and a lot of other formats, today is the available pubs 4-85 and new are published frequently, the mag has normally about 41-52 very informative pages in full colour in every issue, new and better layout from number 12 and forward, a great mag distributed for free online that seems to progress in each issue that have arts about both the future and next generation as well as the classic arena at the same time but with focus on the *old* stuff) [BLOGSPOT subscribe service]

Datormagazin (Swedish mag that today mostly is about PC and Mac but of course some Amiga again, and this was as you know a wide spread and well known Commodore and Amiga mag from May 1986 until the end of December 1995 with two different publishers before it started to Guru Meditate) [official site info] [official site amiga] [abime rack with historical issues] [lemon amiga rack also with Amiga issues] [Vintage Games] [VG sys mag Atari Magazin]

Dogma (Russian mag with a future edge)

The Amiga Book (a new bookazine in both English and some other offbeat languages)

DLH's Commodore Archive/ (if you are precise at this date more than 100 different Commodore and Amiga magz in huge quantities (including a few disk magz) from Canada and USA fully scanned in high res BUT also books, apps, game resources, educational resources, newsletters, links, videos, manuals, ads, other hardware resources/facts, and user groups) [Commodore Stuff] [Amiga Magz] INVEST A FEW HOURS OF YOUR TIME IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST SOME INTEREST IN CLASSICAL AMIGA MAG ISSUES AND OTHER PUBS IN HIGH RESOLUTION! RECOMMENDED!

Stonans Scannningar and (several issues and sometimes huge quantities of about 35 different scanned magz and brochures mostly about Commodore and Commodore Amiga for instance the not so well known Smådatortidningen and also Commodore rapport, Min HEMDATOR and of course Svenska HEMDATOR Nytt/hacking with special pubs about for instance Amiga 1200 and Amiga 3000) IF YOU WANT MUCH TO READ (SEE ABOVE): DLH's Commodore Archive/


I will publish a follow up with mags with the initial letter E-Z, for instance Obligement Free (AmigaOS and MorphOS magazine), Golem (German online resource about computers and technology in general including Amiga computers), Hall Of Light (a huge and fascinating database of Amiga games), WArMUp (World Association of MorphOS Users) that publish a electronic mag called WEBZINE WArMUp (the links goes to a bunch of examples called Best of MorphOS from this year) parallel with the official site (presentation of the WArMUp association) **** REV'n'GE => REV'n'GE! - a hyperlink to issue 31 in full colour PDF (they have plans for a next full and interesting mag that will be the issue 32 - is this really correct ??? - in May 2015 ;) in English (with arts about for instance Music Appetizer in page 31-32, a comparison of the Amiga version and the PC version of Mortal Combat 2 on a huge amount of pages, and last but not least The Space Flight SIMULATOR on page 11 where you work for NASA and are currently holding the accountable office of theirs still today widely used Space Shuttle Rockets that to be honest are a bit out of date to for instance visit ISS - that as you all are aware of is orbiting the Earth *a well known Swedish astronaut and scientist have been working with the project as well* and holding visitors from more or less all venues and nationalities that are represented on the travel map - executed on Amiga with the well known Microsoft Win-ows), - Try 'Click here to start download from sendspace' if you are not able to find the mag [dir/w = Dir DIRS |more .....][SUB LINK] <=REV'n'GE **** and the slumbering T~tal Amiga (you can use any colour laser printer, put in some nice photo paper and print all the in Brittish English uniquely fact-filled and technically nerdie *try to write future mag issues - of for instance Amiga Future - like they did for a couple of years and the community will honestly fly like a state-of-the art rocket or even something unmistakably bet* magz in blended colourfulness) later on.

Do you believe? Keep all of the Amiga clones and the whole community alive!



Fingers on the Keys! | One After Another >>> <<<

Note! All of the splended issues of the former Total Amiga - all of the approximately ~1400 satisfied and happy sub of this English both pro and popular mag - and also several other magz was arrogated into Amiga Future - and issue => 13, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, and the very last official mag pubs in April 2007 issue 26 is not available yet <=
>>> to be continued <<<

For the especially interesting and hyperlinked state-of-the-art mag Amiga Plus (AND TOTAL AMIGA AS WELL) that came out once a month and went bust a couple of months into 2007 - and the mag was instead of a instant death integrated into Amiga Future because the editorial office was kind enough to do so and it felt good to not vanish totally, AND I GUESS THEY TO BE HONEST WISHED TO COOPERATE INSTEAD OF JUST GIVE THEM => AMIGA FUTURE <= ALL OF THEIR READERS IN AN INSTANT OF A TINY SECOND *AND THEN JUST VANISH INTO A HISTORICAL MILESTONE* - and at least 1500 other fact-crammed pubs with alot of interesting articles in each of there individual issues.

To get facts and information directly from the official site about the popular och high quality mag *just do as Google do all the time instead of be a stupid citizen that only think that everything you do when you are connected to the internet is illegal* CU Amiga see the comments below.

EMBEDDED VID: Meditation in Space


  1. Fingers on the Keys! | One After Another >>> <<<

    Note that the splended issues of the former Total Amiga - all of the approximately ~1400 satisfied and happy sub of this English both pro and popular mag and also several other magz link to the CU Amiga Super CD-ROMs was arrogated into Amiga Future - =>13, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25 and the very last one pubs in April 2007 issue 26 is not available yet >>> to be continued <<<

    1. Surf's Up Online

      Despite this name's synonymity with a column in CU, we're going to work to make this section of the web site an exclusive resource to highlight the best, most interesting, and most influential Web destinations for Amiga users. You'll find guest 'Surf' guides to the net as well as the links page here.

      Reader's Art Gallery

      Here's our most recent issues. Click on the cover of the month to see a brief summary of the main features of that issue. This page makes a great gallery of our past covers too!
      ......... <=August 1998

    2. Content the monthly mag CU Amiga August 1998 (also information about the coming issue in September 1998 of CU Amiga called coming attractions):

      Samplitude CD
      This specially written version of the latest Samplitude Opus software is a powerful sample recorder/editor ideal for making your own audio CDs.

      Soundprobe 2 Demo
      An exclusive demo of Soundprobe 2, the impressive new sample editor.

      3D pacman game, with PPC support. Due to a "technical hitch" (ahem) it doesn't appear on the CD this month, but will be included next.
      Audio track on the CD*
      Plus all the normal great stuff on the CDs including an excellent collection of Quake add-ons.


      Confused? You won't be
      Our quick and easy guide to the many paths the future holds for the Amiga. We make head or tail of it all for you!

      Video Toaster pops up again
      With the recent drop in prices in Toaster/Flyer technology, we take another look at this revolutionary piece of kit and explain what the fuss is all about.

      Audio Magic
      A massive feature on everything you need to move your Amiga based music creation into the modern era, and create direct to CD.
      Reviews of some top games and superb hardware and apps including:
      Genetic Species
      Sound Probe 2
      Samplitude Opus
      Siamese v2.1
      Scan Magic
      Catweasel 2
      All the normal extras including news, hints and tips, adventure helpline, user group listings, PD reviews, comms coverage and tutorials.
      Tell us what you think of each issue via our online response form.

      And actially so much more!? :)

      Surveys allow us to know what you, our most valuable readers, want to see in CU Amiga. They also allow us to monitor how well we're doing at delivering what you want. If you can spare the time to answer the surveys here, it really will help CU Amiga be an even better Amiga Magazine.

      Editor EDITORIAL OFFICE!!!

      CU Amiga September issue 1998 coming attractions:

      On the disks
      •Netconnect 2 lite Try this amazing new Internet software package before you buy, with this time limited but fully functional version (CD only).
      •In Shadow of time Demo of a great upcoming adventure game
      •Networking utilities
      •...and the normal massive collection of pics, mods, demos, games, utils and websites on the CD


      •CU2000 What will you be reading in the next millenium?

      •Old Dog, New Tricks Got a spare lower powered Amiga lying around? Using it as a doorstop? Don't! There's life in the old dog yet...

      •Networking Everything you wanted to know about nets but were afraid to ask... with networking software on the disks.


      Reviews you can use:
      •CrossDos 7
      •Ateo A4000 tower
      •Epic Encyclopedia 1998
      •Amiga Developer's CD v1.2
      •...and more


      •Paul Burkey's guide to Foundation
      •Explorer 2260 diary
      •All the normal tutorials, columns, help, letters, news, PD coverages etc.